Foxworthy’s March 2012 Electrofishing Survey

This week we conducted our spring electrofishing survey on Foxworthy’s lake. The fish in this lake are growing exceptionally well. Every bass we sampled had a relative weight over 100% and some had relative weights ranging from 130-140%. Though we wanted to sample the lake to make sure all of the bass are growing they way they should, more importantly we wanted to harvest some bass to keep the numbers of bass under control. It was hard to harvest many fish since they were all growing so well but in order to grow trophy bas you have to be aggressive with your harvesting. A bass with a relative weight of 100% is a great fish that most people would live to had but a 100% Wr is not as good as a Wr of 130% so these bass at 100% were harvested.

The biggest bass we sampled was six lbs nine ounces. Due to this mild winter the larger bass, especially the larger females were in deeper water making them more difficult to sample. So at the end of the day we decided to do some sampling with hook and line. After catching some more bass and culling the smaller ones, Greg managed to catch an eight pound two ounce bass (see pics below). Again these fish have not had their third birthday yet and all of species of fish stocked were no larger than two inches in size.


Not only are the largemouth bass doing exceptionally well, the hybrid striped bass are growing just as good.  These hybrids are awesome to catch now but by next year most people fishing this lake may end ignoring the largemouth bass to chase after these hybrids cause these boys know how to put a fight.

Foxworthy Bass For Sale

We are proud to announce some exciting news.  Largemouth Bass will be available to private pond owners from Foxworthy Lake.   These bass are genetically superior, healthy, and harvested with known ages showing rapid growth rates.

Most hatchery fish are the result of genetics from one source.  We handpicked the genetics for the bass stocked in Foxworthy Lake in June of 2009.  These bass came from the best sources for Northern, Pure Florida and F1 largemouth bass.  The lake now has bass over 7.7 lbs in only 2.5 years. As you can see this is one fat bass. This rapid growth is ciritical to ahcieve the full geentic potential of these bass.

We will begin this spring selling the bass spawned in the lake in 2010 and 2011.  These bass are fat and extremely healthy.  They are being grown in a lake with the best water quality, fertility and forage base around. Adult bass grown in hatcheries are raised intensively with thousands per acre resulting in slower growth.  Most 12-14 inch bass being sold are 2-4 years old.  These bass will be 1-2 years old and again have good genetic diversity with bass coming from four sources.

Given the rapid growth and excellent body conditions of these bass I expect the 1,000 lbs to go quickly.  Couple this with the novelty of the Foxworthy name and I wish we had more to sell.  Please contact us to get on the list.

The following prices apply:

7-9 inches    $5.00        9-11 inches    $10.00        >11 inches    $15/lb.

Minimum order $250

Call 770-735-3523 or email [email protected]