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Florida Electrofishing

Florida Power and Light reached out to AES to perform an electrofishing survey of Lake Parrish in Tampa, FL. The lake’s main purpose is to provide cool water for generation but locally it is known to provide great angling opportunities. 

Main generation site

The lake looks far from the average bass fishery. One would expect to see a skiff, 8 wt fly rod, and tailing red fish in the grass.

Three days of tough shocking provided valuable insight into what is happening below the surface. The water was extremely clear so shocking was difficult but not impossible. Many different fish besides largemouth bass where shocked.

Tilapia ruled the lake
Most caught fish of trip…gar
Pound and half shell cracker were the common size. Low numbers and lots of mussels.
Thought we were the biggest on the lake…wrong!

After a long week valuable data was collected to properly inform the client. Electrofishing is an investment. It helps the biologist construct a management plan thus insuring the client’s money and time are well spent.