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About Aquatic Environmental Services

Aquatic Environmental Services currently manages well over 100 lakes in the metro Atlanta area, North Georgia, Middle Georgia and South Georgia. Since incorporation, AES has performed either consulting, lake management, or fish stocking on more than 4,000 lakes throughout the southeast. The team at AES works to improve ponds as small as ¼ acre to a several lakes over 1,000 acres in size. Our clients include commercial, residential, golf, private, and municipal lake owners.

// About Us

Our History

AES, Inc began in 1998 after President, Greg Grimes, received his masters in Fisheries Biology. The company has grown exponentially each year. In 2013, the lake management and aesthetics portion of the business was sold to focus on our passion of fisheries management. Today, because of this unique focus we are an industry leader in our stocking strategies for growing a superior fishery. Our work has taken us to 21 states, and we have worked on over 8,000 bodies of water meeting the goals of each individual client.

We can build a pond from ground zero or turn an existing poor fishery into the trophy lake desired all within a client’s budget. With a passionate staff and superior industry connections we are proud of our achievements in the world of private lake management.

Meet Our Owner Greg

Greg grew up fishing ponds and lakes. Little would he know that he would be so lucky as to work on many lakes as a career a few years later. Founding Principal, Greg Grimes after obtaining his biology degree became manager for a lake management company in 1993. Here he gained valuable experience and went on to receive a Masters degree in Fisheries in 1998 from University of Georgia. Greg has now been involved in the lake service business for over twenty years.

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Our Mission

Aquatic Environmental Services our mission is simple – to be an industry leader providing cutting-edge fish management services that meet or exceed clients’ expectations.

We accomplish this by focusing on our two core divisions. Our Fishery Management Division travels the southeast helping our clients grow big fish and our Construction Services Division focuses on construction, repair, and restoration. Aquatic Environmental Services staff includes several degreed biologists and has grown to a full-time staff of twelve.

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Our Team

Aquatic Environmental Services staff includes several degreed biologists and has grown to a full time staff of twelve. AES has all required licenses including full liability and workers compensation insurance.


Our Clients

At Aquatic Environmental Services, we have had the pleasure and honor of working for some truly amazing clients. Below are just a few examples of the amazing things they have said about us and or incredible team.