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April 2nd-6th Electroshock Recap

electroshocking big bass

This was an interesting week for the shock team. They started the week in Metro Atlanta shocking the Piedmont Driving Club. This is a 140 acre lake chalk full of healthy bass. They have been a managed client for years and take our fisheries recommendations very seriously. They have a strict policy concerning bass and crappie harvest. The results speak for themselves as you will see.

Post-spawn bass that is still very healthy.
Inside her gut was a 12 inch crappie. Nature has no rules.
What’s left of the crappie.
Hard not to smile when the bass fishing is this good.
Hybrid striped bass will test your drag when they get this big!
Rough week?
Bass and chocolate milk….what a combination!
Trying to beat the cameraman to Instagram?!
Small boat shocks are reserved for lakes with poor access. This one fit the bill with the access road being tight, muddy, and bordered with cliffs.

Next week the shock team will be heading out to Louisiana, Arkansas, and Mississippi to finish off the spring shock season in the Southeast. People are always surprised that we travel this far. Georgia is our main area but we are more than capable to shock any pond in the lower 48.


Photo credit: Grant Bobo; grant@lakework.com