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Berkeley Lake, GA Lake Liming

Many people are surprised that we are capable of working on large bodies of water. Our bread and butter lakes are usually two to fifteen acres however larger lakes are no problem. One of our favorite clients is Berkeley Lake which is eighty-eight acres. They recently contacted us about liming the lake, so they will get the most out of their summer fertilization program. Keeping in mind budget the amount of hundred and fifty tons was decided on. Obviously, the lake could handle much more but something is better than nothing. Liming is used to raise alkalinity and stabilize pH. Well fertilized lakes can carry more pounds of fish which is important if you’re wanting to get maximize the lake. Why stock fish in a poor environment?

The start of day two. Lime never moves as fast as you want it.
Quality skid steer operator is key to keeping a good work flow.
Blasting away.
Been a rainy February in Georgia. Always a blessing to work under blue skies.

After two long days the boys wrapped up with a strong sense of accomplishment after moving so much material. Give us a call if you have a job that you think is too big to tackle. Nothing a little planning and creativity can’t solve.