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Blue Catfish Removal

The aquatic and fisheries business is unique because no one company has a stronghold on the industry. There are just as many small operations as there are multi-state companies. Similar to the restaurant game, this industry has a high turn over rate. Many people get into fisheries based off their love for the outdoors and being on the water. Ultimately this passion has to met some business savvy to survive. This industry will give you seventeen hour days and so many problems that all you want to do is pout under your stocking truck. Today’s lake removal was the result of this.

The catfish that were seined out of this lake are unique because they are a hybrid between blue catfish and channel catfish. There are many advantages of this hybrid like high disease resistance, tolerance to low oxygen levels, fast growth, and high dress-out percentage.

Working the seine slowly is critical to keeping the mudline on the bottom. Catfish use their wedge shaped heads to sneak under the mudline if it’s ever lifted up in haste.
Josh is making a pocket by bringing together each side of the net. Once the pocket is formed the mudline is pulled ashore.
We quickly inventoried our catch. Most of the catfish ranged from a quarter to half a pound. In the summer months it’s critical to reduce the stress of the fish. Warm water carries less oxygen so mortality is a real threat.
The office of the hatchery was a clever reuse of a house boat. Very fitting given the industry.
Josh is loading up some cats that are about to be dumped for the client later that morning.
A close up of today’s catch.
We like to move fish quickly. These fish were caught about two hours earlier and now they are in their new home.

At AES we are always trying to set ourselves apart from the rest by creating unique opportunities for our clients. We want our clients to have lakes and ponds that they are proud of. We are always hunting for special items whether it be brown/brook trout in the winter or hybrid striped bass in the fall. Give the office a call to set your pond apart.