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Bluegill Feeding


Spring is here and it is time to crank up your bluegill feeders! 

To grow giant bluegill or improve bass growth feed your bluegill quality feed.   Feeding the bluegill a supplemental fish food diet creates healthier higher reproducing fish thus creates more bass food. Feeding begins in March and continues through November in much of the southeast. How much should you be feeding? As a general rule of thumb, cast enough feed so its gone in 5 to 10 minutes.  For bluegill they need at a minimum a 36% protein diet. We prefer the Aquamax 500 or 600 fish food with 41% protein level. DO NOT USE CHEAP CATFISH FOOD! 

Feeding by hand is not as efficient as using an automatic fish feeder which can feed multiple times a day. Bluegill have a short intestinal tract and benefit from multiple feedings during the day. A feeding area is a great place for kids to learn to fish, because the action is always fast. Many people just enjoy watching the feeding frenzy that occurs and showing off your trophy bluegill to your friends.

Bluegill will not travel far to consume food so to maximize bluegill growth and production, setup multiple feeding sites. 

Check out this link to read about our Bluegill Feeding Trials. This gives you more insight on why to use quality food for feeding.  Our research showed that a more expensive food such as Aquamax 500 is actually cheaper for putting weight on bluegill.