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Fish Habitat Construction

Creating proper habitat during the construction process of a lake is crucial. If your goal is to create an outstanding fishery, having proper fish habitat is absolutely critical.

During theĀ lake construction process, you can better improve the habitat by shaping the lake bottom with heavy equipment than if you would just by using artificial habitats. Also, creating ideal fish habitat by using natural materials such as trees, root balls, and large rocks is easier and cheaper to do while constructing the lake as opposed to waiting until it fills up with water. If you are building a new lake, we can work with your contractor or our staff contractor to design a lake with the proper habitat (humps, spawning tables, canals, ridges, etc.). For those who prefer artificial habitat products, AES installs MossBack Fish Habitats and Honey Hole Fish Habitats into your new lake before the lake is filled and fish are stocked. If you have an existing lake, we can still add fish habitat to not only help fishing efforts but to aid in the growth rates of the bass.