Lake and Pond Design
Proper design is an easy first step on the road to a well-managed pond. AES’s lake-designing team starts by determining your pond needs. Once we know the type of aquatic environment that you prefer, we assess the rainfall and watershed of the area to determine the size and shape best suited to your site. Depth and proper slope are considered to help reduce long-term vegetation control costs. We offer built-in drains to rid your lake of dead unproductive water at the bottom and also address any supplemental aeration and structure needs.

Lake and Pond Construction
AES ensures your new lake or pond has support during heavy rains. We have every kind of heavy earth moving equipment needed to construct your new lake or pond or we can offer supervision of an earthmoving company in your area. We also offer artificial habitat structures that will provide fishing hot spots once the lake is full. Other options are available include installing piers, docks, floating docks, boat ramps, or even a sand beach.

Lake and Pond Repair & Renovation
The health of your lake or pond is important to your family, your community, and your business. AES provides experts to repair drainage systems, leaking or damaged dams and remove sediment from existing ponds. Sometimes an existing fishery’s population has deteriorated to the point where it is easier and more cost-effective to start over with a balanced stocking of quality fish. We also offer professional application of fish toxins for total fish eradication. Whatever your need, we can help.

Other Services
Dam Evaluation
Dock Installation
Fish Habitat Construction
Pipe Repair