Seneca, South Carolina Lake Liming

Lake Liming

Trophy Bass Start in the Dirt When you think of growing trophy bass, dirt isn’t the first thing that comes to mind. Bluegill, crawfish, shad and other forage grow big bass but have you thought about what grows a bass’s food? All fish start out as fry and feed off their yoke sack. Once they […]

Madison, Georgia Lake Liming

The summer time is prime time to do mid-season chores on your lake or pond. The fishing has slowed down and it’s down right miserable to be out past 11 am. Today we were in Madison, GA helping a long time customer. When this property owner came to us about five years ago his lake […]

Winter Chores

Ever wonder why the Midwestern United States grows such huge deer versus other parts of the lower 48? A little hint is good dirt grows big deer. The same concept applies for growing trophy bass. Unlike the Midwest, here in the Southeast we are not blessed with good dirt. Being famous for having red clay […]

Trophy Grower Pond Fertilizer is Here

Trophy Grower pond fertilizer is Here!!! We have 38,000 lbs of Trophy Grower pond fertilizer ready to deliver or come and pick some up for your   pond.  2 boxes of Trophy Grower pond fertilizer will treat 1 acre per year.  Now is the time to get your Trophy Grower in your pond. Give us a call.