Stocking your pond can be one of the trickiest aspects of making your dream pond a reality. With the sheer amount of fish species to choose from it’s easy to become lost. At AES we work with you and your fishery goals.  With your goals and budget in mind we will create an individual plan to best utilize your time and resources. A thrown together stocking plan will only cause headache and more money down the road. AES biologists will only stock your lake or pond with the correct quantities, sizes, and species necessary to help you meet your fishery goals.

Although many clients enjoy catching big bass we understand that not everyone shares those views. Some want to construct a small pond with fast and furious action for their grand kids. A plan like this might include bluegill, hybrid striped bass and a fish feeder. Others don’t want the hassle of liming, fertilizing, and forage stocking but still want quality bass. In this instance a feed trained bass fishery would be best.

If the pond already has fish in it we recommend an electrofishing survey  Blindly stocking fish based on what the past property owner said or fishing results usually has ill-fated results. Electrofishing gives our biologist a snapshot of what’s happening underwater. Maybe you need to stock bluegill or maybe you have plenty of bluegill and it’s a better use of budget to stock crayfish. Our value goes beyond just stocking fish.

Feed trained bass (left) vs. native bass (right)
These one pound bluegill will keep the kids grinning for a while.
Hybrid striped bass will test your drag when they get this big!
Trophy bass management at its finest
Quality bass fisheries don’t have the top-end potential of a trophy fishery but they include lots of healthy two to four-pound bass with the occasional trophy bass.
We work hand-in-hand with HOAs to make sure homeowner’s dollars are spent wisely. This HOA has over 500 households and still manages to keep producing quality bass with our guidance.
This is a two year old fish that is on it’s way to trophy status. Trophy bass require lots of forage stocking.