Where did all my Big Bass go?

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Most of our blog posts are a summery of what we’ve been up to at AES. People are surprised to learn that there are businesses that manage lakes and more specifically fisheries. Our job is to educate people so they have the knowledge going forth to make the most informed decisions. With things slowing down […]

Fish Truck V2.0

Running fish is the backbone of AES. Everything we do whether it’s electroshock or habitat enhancement leads up to getting fish in the water. Many people think we raise fish at our Ball Ground, Georgia office. Other than some trout fingerlings or holding some catfish for a few days we do very little. Georgia soil […]

Ageing Bass

Ageing a bass is one of the best ways a biologist can gauge the health of a bass. In the Southeast we use the otolithes to determine age. In the North or where there are defined cold and warm seasons scales can be used to determine age. This is a quick guide on how otolithes […]

Bristol, TN Lake Improvements

This past spring Bass Pro Shops contacted us to do an electrofishing survey of their lake at the Bristol, TN store. Matt, our senior fisheries biologist, came up with a game plan to get the lake back on track. The lake was lacking cover and forage. The owner decided to go with feed trained bass […]

South Florida Exotics

Exotic plants and animals have been an issue in Florida for years. During our past shocking of Lake Parrish near Tampa, Florida we ran into huge schools of tilapia. Often they would be feeding on the surface in schools of over a hundred fish. We knew their numbers were high but our senior biologist found […]

Trout As Bass Forage

Stocking trout as bass forage? Here is proof that stocking trout as bass forage works. This 14″ bass had eaten a 9″ trout within an hour of being stocked. This is one way to pack on some protein. 

Silver Lake Massive Bass

Our clients on Silver Lake are catching massive bass.  Here are the Silver Lake massive bass catching statistics in pounds: This week: Tuesday, Robert – 8 and Thursday, Robert – 9.5 Last week: Jeff – 8, Brad  – 5, and Matthew 3.5 February and 3 weeks ago: Dylan Thomas  – 8.5 and 9.5 Proof that […]

Grow Big Bass

Want to grow big bass? Let us shock and stock your pond. We are out shocking a client’s pond today and as you can see, we know how to grow big bass.  If you want to grow big bass, we need to first assess the population of your fishery. Shocking is the first step in building […]

Bass Love Crawfish

Guess what this bass has been eating? Too easy…..Bass love Crawfish.  We have crawfish coming in May. Get on our crawfish list now. Bass love crawfish and so do we. 

Mossback Fish Habitat

A nother successful Mossback Fish Habitat install.  Mossback Fish Habitats are versatile, realistic, and long-lasting.  Mossback Fish Habitats are an excellent addition to your existing fish habitats like trees, brush, and other fish habitats. Contacts us for a Mossback Fish Habitat quote. We can plan and design a Mossback Fish Habitat specifically for your pond. Read more […]