Trophy Bass

From another Happy Client: “ANOTHER trophy bass thanks to your combined efforts! Thanks Brit” Let us help you grow trophy bass!

New Lake Record

New Lake Record Our client just set his new lake record…. We don’t just grow big bass. Let us help you set a new lake record.

Bass Meals

Everyone knows that bass are ferocious feeders and their meals are just about anything that hits the water. Here are a few examples of the weird things bass were eating when we caught them. Not the weirdest thing, but any guess as to what species of fish this bass ate?   This bass caught after recently […]

Big Bass Contest Leading Pic

Thank you, Ben Hall for being last week’s Big Bass Contest leader for best Big Bass Pic: “Here is a fat bass caught by my brother Lee with assistance from his 2 year old son Wilder! This F-1 bass was stocked 4 years ago by Greg Grimes himself. I can guarantee this bass has been feeding […]

Big Bass and Best Pic Contests

Aquatic Environmental Services is having two contests: a big bass and best pic (think kids with family and big smiles). We are already getting pics of big bass. Too bad these big bass were submitted last week before we started the big bass contest. Only rule is the big bass have to come from the lakes […]

Aging A Bass – Answers Revealed

 Aging A  Bass  Think you can age a bass by its otolith? Check out these zoomed in images of a bass we just aged from the otoliths below: Want to take a guess at age and weight of these two bass? These two pictures are from a largemouth bass otolith          These two pictures are from […]

Bluegill Feeding

  Spring is here and it is time to crank up your bluegill feeders!  To grow giant bluegill or improve bass growth feed your bluegill quality feed.   Feeding the bluegill a supplemental fish food diet creates healthier higher reproducing fish thus creates more bass food. Feeding begins in March and continues through November in much […]

Hybrid Striped Bass Stocking

I do not know of a species that is more underutilized in private ponds.  Hybrid striped bass are a great fish that is easy to manage and provides excellent fight for their size.  It is great for novice and expert fishermen alike.  They are very aggressive and hit your lure like a freight train.  Their […]