Discourage Grass Carp and Fun Shooting

Do you have grass carp? Do the they come to your fish feeders? If the grass carp are younger and smaller, shoot into the water with a shotgun to discourage this behavior. Grass carp are pretty intelligent and may stay away for a while allowing other fish come back to the feeder. If left unchecked, they dominate the feeders and scare […]

Mossback Fish Habitat Installation

Another successful Mossback Fish Habitat installation.  Here is a Trophy spot assembled. Since it sits up straight, it’s easy to install as well. Interested in a Mossback Fish Habitat, give us a call.

Trout As Bass Forage

Stocking trout as bass forage? Here is proof that stocking trout as bass forage works. This 14″ bass had eaten a 9″ trout within an hour of being stocked. This is one way to pack on some protein. 

Silver Lake Massive Bass

Our clients on Silver Lake are catching massive bass.  Here are the Silver Lake massive bass catching statistics in pounds: This week: Tuesday, Robert – 8 and Thursday, Robert – 9.5 Last week: Jeff – 8, Brad  – 5, and Matthew 3.5 February and 3 weeks ago: Dylan Thomas  – 8.5 and 9.5 Proof that […]

Big Redbreast Sunfish

Check out this big redbreast sunfish. Any guess as to the GA state record on the biggest redbreast sunfish caught? This big redbreast sunfish is not the biggest redbreast sunfish caught, but close at 1+ pounds. Read more about the fish we stock here http://lakework.com/fish-stocking-2/

Bass Love Crawfish

Guess what this bass has been eating? Too easy…..Bass love Crawfish.  We have crawfish coming in May. Get on our crawfish list now. Bass love crawfish and so do we. 

Mossback Fish Habitat

A nother successful Mossback Fish Habitat install.  Mossback Fish Habitats are versatile, realistic, and long-lasting.  Mossback Fish Habitats are an excellent addition to your existing fish habitats like trees, brush, and other fish habitats. Contacts us for a Mossback Fish Habitat quote. We can plan and design a Mossback Fish Habitat specifically for your pond. Read more […]

Trophy Bass

From another Happy Client: “ANOTHER trophy bass thanks to your combined efforts! Thanks Brit” Let us help you grow trophy bass!

Sterile Grass Carp

  Sterile Grass Carp Along with warmer temperatures upcoming, so are submersed weeds in ponds. The best long-term control of submersed weeds is stocking Sterile Grass Carp. Sterile Grass Carp are very effective in controlling submersed weeds and can eat up to 5 times their body weight in one day.  Get your Sterile Grass Carp in soon […]