AES recommends a consult for those interested in learning more about their pond, services and products we provide. Having an AES biologists visit your pond for a consult provides great insight on pond management and how to improve your lake.

During the consult:

  • A water quality analysis is conducted for several important water quality parameters: Dissolved Oxygen, Alkalinity, pH, Conductivity, and Visibility. Further water quality parameters such as fecal coliform, nitrogen, and turbidity can be tested.
  • A site study is conducted on the physical characteristics of the lake including aquatic weeds, algae identification, observations in regards to the dam and outlet pipe integrity, and fish habitat availability.
  • Satellite imagery is used to accurately report surface acres of the lake and an AES biologist will assist you in establishing goals for your lake.

Once an AES biologist has collected the necessary data and your goals for your pond or lake have been well defined, AES develops a management program to best fit your needs in order to reach your goals. The management program will contain recommendations for:

  • Aesthetic improvements (weed and algae control and water quality improvements).
  • Fishery improvements (stocking strategies, harvesting rates, supplemental feeding, liming and fertilization and aeration installations).

Contact our office about getting more information on having a consult.