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Electrofishing Survey (Lake Audit)

Annually, Aquatic Environmental Services performs electrofishing surveys on over 125 lakes. Electrofishing is the most scientifically advanced method of analyzing fish populations in freshwater lakes. Performing a fish survey provides a fisheries biologist with an accurate and safe means to sample a fishery population. Aquatic Environmental Services has state of the art electrofishing equipment to survey lakes ranging from small quarter-acre lakes to lakes several hundred acres in size.

If you want to know the status of your fishery and how to manage it, an electrofishing survey is a must.

All fish sampled during the survey are weighed and measured and released unharmed into the lake. However, AES recommends harvesting all underperforming largemouth bass and undesirable species during the survey. All data is tabulated and presented in a lake management report with recommendations for needed to reach your goals for the fishery.

Please contact our office for pricing and details on all of the services performed during our electrofishing surveys.