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Lake & Pond Design

Since starting the business in 1996 we have worked on many lakes in the construction phase. In the last several years one important aspect of pond management stands out. It is imperative to have a well thought out plan to produce the pond of your dreams. You only get one chance to do it right. This process starts prior to the construction during the planning phase of your lake.

Certain fish species require certain habitats. These fish habitat requirements when met produce more fish, growing fish more rapidly, and help you catch more fish. In addition you need a well-planned drainage system to improve water quality and maintain dam integrity during rain events.

We offer lake design consulting at the early stages in the form of a site survey to determine feasibility of the pond. We address key aspects such as do you have the right soil, dam location, watershed size, pipe requirements. We work with engineers to layout the lake. Once layout is complete and dirt moving begins we work with pond builders to construct all required habitats, that is dense areas to protect fish, preferred spawning sites, ambush points for bass, travel corridors, etc. We implement or design habitat/cover installations with either natural and/or long-lasting manmade cover. Finally, we advise on lime additions or other means to improve water quality along with a well thought out fish stocking plan to achieve your particular fishery goals.