March 19th-23rd Electroshock Recap

Another great week is in the books for the shock team. Erratic weather continues to plague the Southeast but the fish are still making their migration towards the shallows. Luckily the nighttime temperatures are not dropping drastically so the water temps are not moving much. This week our average water temperature was about 54 degrees […]

Yearly Lake Management Services

As many lake owners know keeping up with your lake is a full time job. It’s easy to get behind. Life happens and we understand that. Unless you have a dedicated caretaker it can be a daunting task. There are so many things that a property manager needs to be aware of. Feeders need to […]

Winter Pond Bass Fishing

So far in the Southeast this winter is stacking up to be a dozy. Atlanta has already had 8 inches of panic dropped on her and it’s not even New Years. Many pond owners take this same icy attitude toward their ponds this time of year. However winter pond fishing can be phenomenal if you […]

Pipe Repairs

AES has been super busy lately with many pipe repair jobs. Check out this pipe repair that AES just finished. During the pipe repair, a metal box was specifically made to protect the pipe and prevent any future damage. Give us a call to come check out your outlet pipes to make sure they are in working […]

Silver Lake Massive Bass

Our clients on Silver Lake are catching massive bass.  Here are the Silver Lake massive bass catching statistics in pounds: This week: Tuesday, Robert – 8 and Thursday, Robert – 9.5 Last week: Jeff – 8, Brad  – 5, and Matthew 3.5 February and 3 weeks ago: Dylan Thomas  – 8.5 and 9.5 Proof that […]

Big Redbreast Sunfish

Check out this big redbreast sunfish. Any guess as to the GA state record on the biggest redbreast sunfish caught? This big redbreast sunfish is not the biggest redbreast sunfish caught, but close at 1+ pounds. Read more about the fish we stock here

Constructing Secchi Disks

   We are in the process of making Secchi disks. Secchi Disks are one of our best selling items and the best item to ensure the success of your pond’s fertilization program. If you don’t already have a Secchi Disk, visit our Shop at We sell Secchi Disks for $33.00 including shipping.

I hate beavers!

We just got done fixing a 6+ year old fountain for a client, and they called saying that it isn’t working after just a few weeks. Crazy beaver ate through the power cord!

Lake Mapping in Record Snow Event

Aquatic Environmental Services braved the record snow event and cold weather to map a nine acre lake in Rome, GA on January 12, 2011. After delaying the job for two days we had to finally suck it up and get the job done before our schedule for the entire month became backed-up. The lake we […]