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Hybrid Striped Bass Stocking

I do not know of a species that is more underutilized in private ponds.  Hybrid striped bass are a great fish that is easy to manage and provides excellent fight for their size.  It is great for novice and expert fishermen alike.  They are very aggressive and hit your lure like a freight train.  Their growth rates are also better than most species in the right environment.

What does a hybrid striped bass require?  They do not do well on a diet of just bluegill as forage.  They do great on shad/shiners or supplemental feed. With many of our clients having feeders, hybrid striped bass are the perfect fit.  Hybrids require higher hardness levels to thrive and need some deeper water to have some cool water refuge during hot summer months. Clients meeting these basic needs can stock and have minimal to no effect on the largemouth bass growth.  You may need to crank up the feeder in order to feed a few more pellets so both the bluegill and hybrids get fed.

These fish are a true 8-11 inch size so they can survive bass predation. The prices are lower than we have ever offered.  The big advantage is being locally grown in similar water making the transition of stocking stress-free. This equals greatly improved survival.

Please let us know if interested so we can prescribe stocking rates for your goals and pond size. You will want to get on the list ASAP, over half our stock is already spoken for.  We anticipate having them all seined before the end of the month. We will be delivering until mid-October or until we run out of fish.  Also, with these gas prices the more clients we deliver on a route the less we charge for delivery.

Keep in mind as well that trout stocking is just around the corner in November. We will have several sizes to fit your budget.