Metro Atlanta Lake Management

When people imagine a world class bass fishery Atlanta’s I-285 usually isn’t at the top of their list. Nestled near Hartsfield–Jackson Atlanta International Airport is an oasis . This client has been with us for many years and most importantly takes fisheries management seriously. Due to its large size the lake is shocked twice a year to insure the appropriate number of bass are harvested. In addition we come out once a month to fertilize and monitor water quality during the warm season. On this visit we shocked the lake for bass harvest as well as the final fertilization of the season.

Most fish were offshore on shad but a few still on the banks
Not the only ones working today

Bustin’ some Threadfin shad
Capt. Matt getting the leftovers
We go were ever the fish are
Seth quick on the sticks

Once we collected all the bass it’s time to weigh and measure. Fish that are healthy are tagged and released. Fish that don’t meet the cut are taken out.

Data is not the most exciting position yet it’s the most critical
No worries for this big girl
Tagged and released
Seth with another golf course pig
This one isn’t so lucky
Inches matter


To the ice chest he goes
Fish like this kill fisheries. Too many mouths make for skinny bass
Donald is making sure nothing goes to waste.
Fertile water equals happy shad and fat bass. Seth dumping the final bag of fertilizer.
Capt. Matt burning the midnight oil

After a long day the shock boys were worn down but a lot was accomplished. Harvesting bass could be considered the most important aspect of lake/pond management. It doesn’t matter how many bluegill you stock if there are too many bass their will never be enough bluegill. An advantage of electrofishing instead of rod and reel is that our sample is not bias. We shock aggressive and less aggressive fish just as well. Call us today to get your lake shocked and back on track.