Airmax Aeration Systems


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In 2011 AES teamed up with Airmax Eco-Systems. Airmax aeration systems utilize a shore-mounted air pump that delivers compressed air to a synergistic diffuser plate on the lake bottom. As the air rises from the diffuser plate at the lake bottom, it creates a convection current that slowly and steadily turns the water body over. Bringing the bottom waters up to the top to interact with the atmosphere not only adds oxygen to the water but circulates as well. It is this turnover and interaction that lies at the heart of the Airmax Aeration System.

Airmax Aeration Features

SilentAir™ Cabinet and Compressor

o   Pressure gauge helps monitor system performance

o   Pressure relief valve safeguards from back pressure

o   Air flow regulator and brass ball valves adjust flow to individual diffusers.

o   Ventilation louver

o   Integrates cooling fan to extends life of compressor

o   Composite rock0like cabinet

o   Rubber-mounted compressor ensures quietest operation on the market today

o   Removable top for easy access to components

o   Elevated cabinet base allows for easy installation. No base required.


o   Self- weighted, with an extra large base (22” x 24”) to support the diffuser in muck

o   Design maximize total circulation and oxygen transfer

o   Membrane Sticks have the synergy of air stones but are virtually maintenance-free

o   Check valve prevents back pressure to compressor


o   Self-Weighted – No weights, bricks, or ties needed

o   Kink-free, fish hook resistant and trouble free

o   Direct burial, non weighted tubing also available to se from power source to pond’s edge if power source not at shore; up to 1,000 feet away.

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