Bo-Jo Fishlight Swing Arm


Total: $325.00

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The Bo-Jo FishLight is just what it says and more… The device is intended to be mounted on a fishing dock, pier or boat house, but could simply be mounted on a post. We recommend installing it wherever you like to fish. The unit has two (2) fluorescent lamps (bulbs) that attract bugs to the device.

Once the bugs come to the light, an electric motor with weed-eater cord type blades, knocks the bugs into the water. Fish love and prefer bugs to most any commercial food and therefore are driven crazy by an endless supply of bugs. All dock lights attract bugs. Most bugs and all mosquitoes like to bite and aggravate people. This device not only attracts bugs and feeds fish, it keeps most of the bugs off of you at the same time. The lamps are not visible from above to create a glare in your eyes.

This feature also sets up a regular feeding cycle for Bait fish which will attract larger fish to your Dock. The photocell will economically turn your light on at night off every morning. This will establish a pattern that the fish will become dependent on. Fish Only have TWO Goals in life. The first goal is to EAT!!! The second goal is to REPRODUCE!!! If YOU take care of the FIRST GOAL they will take care of the REST!