Outdoor Water Solutions Backyard Windmills


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A backyard version of an Outdoor Water Solutions windmill has been designed and created with the same high standards in quality workmanship the company has been recognized for. This unit is built for ease of assembly and to last decades as with all other Outdoor Water Solutions products.

The Backyard Windmill also has an optional add on windmill aeration kit that can be used to aerate small backyard ponds. These aeration units work in water up to 2.5 to 3.5 feet deep. For ponds deeper than this or larger than 300 sq. feet you will want to review our other windmill aeration systems.

Main Features of The Backyard Windmill

  • Sturdy 4 leg tower design
  • 1 piece 27” rotor head for ease of assembly
  • Simple, fast and safe anchoring system using ground stakes (provided in package).
  • Structurally strong tower for strong winds
  • Windmill is sold for ornamental and functioning purposes depending on the options that you buy;
  • Optional windmill aeration kit has been designed for the Backyard Windmill includes diaphragm compressor, 33′ of airline and a specially designed Airstone.
  • The air compressor on the windmill aeration kit is specially designed to turn at low wind speeds and pumps .3 CFM
  • The air compressor is designed to attach quickly and easily to the ornamental windmill which transforms it into a full working windmill aeration system
  • There is a One-year manufacturer’s warranty
  • The Backyard windmill weighs only 51 lbs. and is shipped all in one box throughout North America
  • The Backyard Windmill is available in a number of powder coated finishes – traditional galvanized steel or Bronze, Red & White, Green & Yellow and John Deere branded powder coat colors