Outdoor Water Solutions Windmill Aeration Systems


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How Windmill Pond Aeration Works

Windmill Pond Aeration works by placing air diffusers at the deepest levels of your pond – these air diffuses take the oxygen that is compressed into airlines and carried down into the water to the air diffusers. The air diffusers then turn the compressed air into thousands of fine oxygen bubbles.

As the oxygen bubbles rise up through the water column they trap particulates in the air bubbles and burn off whatever they trap out of the pond. Organic matter, pollutants, saturated sediment, phosphates, nitrates and everything else that is stagnating or depleting the oxygen of a pond is aerated out.

Consistent pond aeration activity eventually cleans up or maintains the health of a pond and prevents the pond from stagnating over time.

Nowadays with so many pollutants and other matter entering a pond body – not to have an aeration system is almost guaranteed to reduce the health of a pond and facilitate the growth of pond algae, weeds and stagnation.

Types of Pond Aeration

There are a number of different ways that you can aerate you pond. The two primary methods are through electric aeration and windmill aeration.

The obvious advantages of windmills to aerate ponds is;

  • Windmills do not require electricity to operate them
  • Windmills are extremely reliable and long lasting
  • Windmills are very effective, however they are not as effective as an electric bottom diffused aeration system.

Call for pricing and sizing. The windmill aeration systems come in the following sizes: 12′, 16′, 20′ and 25′ telescopic. You can also customize you windmill with your choice of two of the following colors: red, black, white, yellow, green, bronze, silver, and blue.

These systems have the longest warranty in the windmill aeration market with a industry leading 5 Yr warranty.