Vertex Aeration Systems


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Aquatic Environmental Services is an authorized dealer for Vertex fountains and aeration systems since 1998. AES has installed hundreds of Vertex aeration systems to improve the water quality on lakes throughout the southeast. Lakes that are “stratified” inhibit levels of beneficial bacteria and their breakdown of organics. As bottom muck accumulation increases and excessive nutrients are readily available for plant/algae growth, conditions become favorable for the production of noxious gases.

Vertex’s advanced diffusers design creates bubbles as small as 500 microns in diameter that form an ultra-wide column of upward moving water, “turning the lake over” and allowing oxygen to be absorbed at the lake’s surface.

Vertex diffusers continuously lift bottom water to the surface where poisonous gases are expelled and oxygen is absorbed. Stratification and all its resulting problems are eliminated. Colonies of beneficial bacteria once again flourish along the bottom while nutrient levels decline and water clarity increases. Oxygen depletions caused by spring/fall turnovers are eliminated and sport fisheries are improved and fish can expand their territory into the formerly oxygen –deprived portions of the lake.

Vertex Aeration Features

Quality and Performance
o   ETL Certified: Vertex products meet electrical safety codes
o   Independent testing of circulation rates: proven results
o   High efficiency compressors and diffusers provide higher lifting rates with lower power consumption
o   Self-cleaning diffusers, easy to replace filters, extended compressor service intervals

Membrane3 Diffusers
o    “Delta” surface pattern increases active surface area and aeration efficiency during low and moderate air flows
o   Proprietary membrane is flexible and wear and clog resistant
o   Stronger diffuser body, membrane backing plate and diffuser ring improves service life
o    StableTrak™ technology increases lift velocity
o    FlowControl™ technology equalizes airflow to each disk
o    Base unit has a hollow chamber for adding inert ballast
o   Lipped base prevents diffuser from settling into soft sediments

Quietair Cabinets
o   SafeStart™ technology for full pressure restarts
o    Powder coated aluminum for a more durable, attractive finish
o   Larger cabinets have redundant cooling systems with ventilation grill and high capacity fans
o   Easy design with lock and key
o   Heavy duty, light-weight mounting pad included
o   QA4 has Integrated cabinet muffler for quieter operation

Brookwood Compressors
o   Highest flow rate of any compressor in its class
o   Available in 115V 60 Hz or 220V – 240V,50/60 Hz
o   Oil-free – requires no lubrication
o   2 – 4 times the duty cycle of other compressors
o   Thermal overload protection
o   Superior piston design provides higher pressure, quieter operation and longer life than vane compressors

o   Diffuser Assembly: 5-year Warranty
o   Compressors: 2-year Warranty
o   Cabinets: Lifetime protection (against rust)
o    Tubing: 15-year Warranty

o   Remote Valve Box for ponds without closely located electricity
o   Sound Kits for areas where quiet operation is most critical
o   Systems that combine various diffuser combinations

Every lake has its own unique characteristics and design, Aquatic Environmental Services can provide a wide number of modifications to meet your needs or requirements.  Using aerial mapping, we can provide you with aeration specifications and design as well as comprehensive performance calculations including pumpage, CFM, PSI, and turnover rate.

Contact our office today and speak to one of our biologist to determine which system best meets your needs or requirements.