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Storm causes major Trout loss. Massive cleaning effort helps feed the needy.

Cleaning trout to feed the needy

As much as we like to showcase the exciting things happening at AES, we also have to share the tragic moments with you as well. We are humans  and we all make mistakes from time to time. The heavy rain Thursday night shut off the water to our ponds, causing a near total kill if our trout.  Close to 1200 trout died in the storm, and with a retail value of about $4/lb, we lost about $4800.  We tried to make lemonade from this lemon and cleaned over 200 of these 2-3 lb trout to provide food for the needy. It was a chore, as you can imagine, but hope to use these trout to raise money for a charity or volunteer to cook them for a food bank.

Dead Trout

Cleaning trout to feed the needy