Southeastern Electrofishing Road Trip Recap

The team was out all week covering over 1,200 miles with the shock boat. The team made its first stop outside of Mobile, Alabama. This first stop use to be a catfish farm with multiple ponds on site. Upon arrival we stocked grass carp to help with weed growth. The ponds all have poor water […]

Ageing Bass

Ageing a bass is one of the best ways a biologist can gauge the health of a bass. In the Southeast we use the otolithes to determine age. In the North or where there are defined cold and warm seasons scales can be used to determine age. This is a quick guide on how otolithes […]

Bristol, TN Lake Improvements

This past spring Bass Pro Shops contacted us to do an electrofishing survey of their lake at the Bristol, TN store. Matt, our senior fisheries biologist, came up with a game plan to get the lake back on track. The lake was lacking cover and forage. The owner decided to go with feed trained bass […]

Electrofishing Outside of the Southeast

Although the bulk of our business comes from Alabama, Georgia, and South Carolina we are more than capable to survey lakes outside of our home range. With the number of years Greg has been in the pond management industry he has forged a reputation of building the finest fisheries so naturally word has spread. The […]

Trout As Bass Forage

Stocking trout as bass forage? Here is proof that stocking trout as bass forage works. This 14″ bass had eaten a 9″ trout within an hour of being stocked. This is one way to pack on some protein. 

Aging A Bass – Answers Revealed

 Aging A  Bass  Think you can age a bass by its otolith? Check out these zoomed in images of a bass we just aged from the otoliths below: Want to take a guess at age and weight of these two bass? These two pictures are from a largemouth bass otolith          These two pictures are from […]

What do you think this bass ate??

See the Bass who ate the Crappie

Take a look at the bulging belly on this bass! What did this big guy eat? Take a look below and see what we found inside this bass.  Bass are basically opportunistic feeders, that consume whatever is readily available.  Guess this one pound crappie was in the wrong place at the wrong time! Did you know? Bass […]