Trout Stocking Options

Rainbow Trout

With the cooler weather setting in this weekend, it is time for trout stocking. Rainbow trout are super aggressive and easy to catch out with some effort.  Because of this you can stock your pond no matter where you are in Georgia and enjoy them for six months and even longer in north GA.  They are cool weather fish is they provide fishing in cooler months when other fish are not as active. Rainbow trout survive temperatures up to 75°F.

If you want big bass there is not a better food source than trout.  Stock trout half the length of the target bass you want to grow. Rainbow trout have slender bodies and do not have hard spines in their fins making them very easy for largemouth bass to consume.

Do not forget to feed your trout a nutrient-dense high protein fish food like AquaMax™ 600. Trout will respond voraciously to quality fish food and will grow extremely fast with this nutritionally complete, balanced diet. Many clients take trout from 3/4 lbs to over 3 lbs when they use this quality feed over the winter months. Plus, with the cost of rainbow trout fillets at $6-$8 per pound, not only is it more fun to go and catch your dinner, it is cheaper as well.

It is time to get on our trout list. Give us a call or send us an email today!

Fish Stocking Fun for Kids

Fish Stocking, Bluegill

Here at AES we love to introduce children to all aspects of fishery management from stocking of a forage base, to the importance of habitat and the thrill of catching a great fish.  We made a delivery of bluegill to one of clients extra special for the neighborhood kids.


The children eagerly awaited as buckets of bluegill were loaded from the truck and then taken to the pond.

Fish Stocking, Bluegill

Once taken to the pond they all watched intently as the bluegill were released.

Fishery Improvements, Forage Fish, Bluegill Stocking

Another happy client!

Threadfin Shad Survival

The start of 2014 rang in the coldest temperatures that in over a decade. For those with threadfin shad, the bitter cold could have led to the demise of your threadfin shad population. Threadfin shad are great bass forage but they die once the water temperatures reach the low 40’s especially if the water temperature stays too cold for too long. Ice may equal dead shad. However, just because some shad die off does not mean that the entire population died off. In deeper lakes, shad can survive by seeking out thermal refuges that provide warm enough water temperatures to get the shad through the cold winter.

The best key to determine how the shad fared through the winter is by conducting an electrofishing survey this spring. You can also look for schooling shad at the water surface in the evenings once the weather begins to warm.  If a majority of the threadfin shad population or the entire population was eliminated, shad can be re-stocked this spring. Remember that we only stock shad when they are ready to spawn which increases the establishment of the shad since they will spawn shortly after being stocked. Typically, our shad stockings occur in April through June. Because of timing the sooner we determine the status of the shad the better the chances of stocking this spring.

** Though thick ice in north GA leads to rare kids fun activities (with safety measures in place), this particular ponds was covered in thick ice for four days. If you experienced heavy ice cover similar to this, you threadfin shad population likely did not survive unless the pond has a high abundance of deep water; and yet their chances of survival are still limited in such a severe ice cover. Also, we don’t recommend walking on ice in the south due to thinness of ice.


4th day of completely solid ice!


Foxworthy Bass For Sale

We are proud to announce some exciting news.  Largemouth Bass will be available to private pond owners from Foxworthy Lake.   These bass are genetically superior, healthy, and harvested with known ages showing rapid growth rates.

Most hatchery fish are the result of genetics from one source.  We handpicked the genetics for the bass stocked in Foxworthy Lake in June of 2009.  These bass came from the best sources for Northern, Pure Florida and F1 largemouth bass.  The lake now has bass over 7.7 lbs in only 2.5 years. As you can see this is one fat bass. This rapid growth is ciritical to ahcieve the full geentic potential of these bass.

We will begin this spring selling the bass spawned in the lake in 2010 and 2011.  These bass are fat and extremely healthy.  They are being grown in a lake with the best water quality, fertility and forage base around. Adult bass grown in hatcheries are raised intensively with thousands per acre resulting in slower growth.  Most 12-14 inch bass being sold are 2-4 years old.  These bass will be 1-2 years old and again have good genetic diversity with bass coming from four sources.

Given the rapid growth and excellent body conditions of these bass I expect the 1,000 lbs to go quickly.  Couple this with the novelty of the Foxworthy name and I wish we had more to sell.  Please contact us to get on the list.

The following prices apply:

7-9 inches    $5.00        9-11 inches    $10.00        >11 inches    $15/lb.

Minimum order $250

Call 770-735-3523 or email [email protected]