Metro Atlanta Lake Management

Lake Audit, Lake Survey, Fishery Management

When people imagine a world class bass fishery Atlanta’s I-285 usually isn’t at the top of their list. Nestled near Hartsfield–Jackson Atlanta International Airport is an oasis . This client has been with us for many years and most importantly takes fisheries management seriously. Due to its large size the lake is shocked twice a […]

Ageing Bass

Ageing a bass is one of the best ways a biologist can gauge the health of a bass. In the Southeast we use the otolithes to determine age. In the North or where there are defined cold and warm seasons scales can be used to determine age. This is a quick guide on how otolithes […]

Aging A Bass – Answers Revealed

 Aging A  Bass  Think you can age a bass by its otolith? Check out these zoomed in images of a bass we just aged from the otoliths below: Want to take a guess at age and weight of these two bass? These two pictures are from a largemouth bass otolith          These two pictures are from […]

Threadfin Shad Survival

The start of 2014 rang in the coldest temperatures that in over a decade. For those with threadfin shad, the bitter cold could have led to the demise of your threadfin shad population. Threadfin shad are great bass forage but they die once the water temperatures reach the low 40’s especially if the water temperature […]

What do you think this bass ate??

See the Bass who ate the Crappie

Take a look at the bulging belly on this bass! What did this big guy eat? Take a look below and see what we found inside this bass.  Bass are basically opportunistic feeders, that consume whatever is readily available.  Guess this one pound crappie was in the wrong place at the wrong time! Did you know? Bass […]