Discourage Grass Carp and Fun Shooting

Do you have grass carp? Do the they come to your fish feeders? If the grass carp are younger and smaller, shoot into the water with a shotgun to discourage this behavior. Grass carp are pretty intelligent and may stay away for a while allowing other fish come back to the feeder. If left unchecked, they dominate the feeders and scare away the target species you are feeding.

Larger Grass Carp

If the grass carp are larger fish, then take them out. These fish are benefiting very little to your vegetation control. How to take the grass carp out? You can try to trick them into biting bread balls, cherry tomatoes, or try using some of Stubby Steve’s. If that doesn’t work, then bow fish for them for great entertainment. Lastly, like Greg Grimes did yesterday, shoot the grass carp and put a .22 round to their heads. Not a bad shot at twenty yards, if I do say so myself. By the way, grass carp are excellent table fare. It’s a firm white meat.

If you are taking out some of your older, less effective grass carp and would like to replace them, give us a call. We are back to stocking grass carp and other species starting at the end of the month.


Shot the Grass Carp
Discourage Grass Carp










Sterile Grass Carp

  Sterile Grass Carp

Along with warmer temperatures upcoming, so are submersed weeds in ponds. The best long-term control of submersed weeds is stocking Sterile Grass Carp. Sterile Grass Carp are very effective in controlling submersed weeds and can eat up to 5 times their body weight in one day.  Get your Sterile Grass Carp in soon before the submersed weeds take over. We can deliver Sterile Grass Carp or you can come by and pick up Sterile Grass Carp. Give us a call!