Berkeley Lake, GA Lake Liming

Many people are surprised that we are capable of working on large bodies of water. Our bread and butter lakes are usually two to fifteen acres however larger lakes are no problem. One of our favorite clients is Berkeley Lake which is eighty-eight acres. They recently contacted us about liming the lake, so they will […]

First Shock of 2018-Duluth, GA

If you’ve been outside recently you’ve noticed the days are getting longer, Sandhill Cranes are flying high, and buds are starting to pop. This also means it’s time for Big Ugly (an affectionate name for our shock-boat) to start purring and sending some electricity underwater. Anyone in Atlanta has probably taken notice of this gloomy, […]

Winter Chores

Ever wonder why the Midwestern United States grows such huge deer versus other parts of the lower 48? A little hint is good dirt grows big deer. The same concept applies for growing trophy bass. Unlike the Midwest, here in the Southeast we are not blessed with good dirt. Being famous for having red clay […]

Discourage Grass Carp and Fun Shooting

Do you have grass carp? Do the they come to your fish feeders? If the grass carp are younger and smaller, shoot into the water with a shotgun to discourage this behavior. Grass carp are pretty intelligent and may stay away for a while allowing other fish come back to the feeder. If left unchecked, they dominate the feeders and scare […]

Mossback Fish Habitat Installation

Another successful Mossback Fish Habitat installation.  Here is a Trophy spot assembled. Since it sits up straight, it’s easy to install as well. Interested in a Mossback Fish Habitat, give us a call.

Trout As Bass Forage

Stocking trout as bass forage? Here is proof that stocking trout as bass forage works. This 14″ bass had eaten a 9″ trout within an hour of being stocked. This is one way to pack on some protein. 

Silver Lake Massive Bass

Our clients on Silver Lake are catching massive bass.  Here are the Silver Lake massive bass catching statistics in pounds: This week: Tuesday, Robert – 8 and Thursday, Robert – 9.5 Last week: Jeff – 8, Brad  – 5, and Matthew 3.5 February and 3 weeks ago: Dylan Thomas  – 8.5 and 9.5 Proof that […]

Big Redbreast Sunfish

Check out this big redbreast sunfish. Any guess as to the GA state record on the biggest redbreast sunfish caught? This big redbreast sunfish is not the biggest redbreast sunfish caught, but close at 1+ pounds. Read more about the fish we stock here

Grow Big Bass

Want to grow big bass? Let us shock and stock your pond. We are out shocking a client’s pond today and as you can see, we know how to grow big bass.  If you want to grow big bass, we need to first assess the population of your fishery. Shocking is the first step in building […]