Berkeley Lake, GA Lake Liming

Many people are surprised that we are capable of working on large bodies of water. Our bread and butter lakes are usually two to fifteen acres however larger lakes are no problem. One of our favorite clients is Berkeley Lake which is eighty-eight acres. They recently contacted us about liming the lake, so they will get the most out of their summer fertilization program. Keeping in mind budget the amount of hundred and fifty tons was decided on. Obviously, the lake could handle much more but something is better than nothing. Liming is used to raise alkalinity and stabilize pH. Well fertilized lakes can carry more pounds of fish which is important if you’re wanting to get maximize the lake. Why stock fish in a poor environment?

The start of day two. Lime never moves as fast as you want it.
Quality skid steer operator is key to keeping a good work flow.
Blasting away.
Been a rainy February in Georgia. Always a blessing to work under blue skies.

After two long days the boys wrapped up with a strong sense of accomplishment after moving so much material. Give us a call if you have a job that you think is too big to tackle. Nothing a little planning and creativity can’t solve.

First Shock of 2018-Duluth, GA

If you’ve been outside recently you’ve noticed the days are getting longer, Sandhill Cranes are flying high, and buds are starting to pop. This also means it’s time for Big Ugly (an affectionate name for our shock-boat) to start purring and sending some electricity underwater.

Anyone in Atlanta has probably taken notice of this gloomy, rainy weather pattern we are stuck in. For the vitamin D lovers it’s a struggle but there is an upside. Morning lows have been in 60’s and highs in the 70’s. This means water temperatures are on the rise which gets the bass thinking about spawning. If you want to see bass at their heaviest and healthiest spring is the time.

We have been managing this fishery for over two years. It was the classic bass crowded fishery. The lake was full of small, stunted bass which are no fun for the owner. The owner bought into our vision and has followed through on our management suggestions. Give us a call today if you want to turn your pond around and start making memories.

Winter Chores

Ever wonder why the Midwestern United States grows such huge deer versus other parts of the lower 48? A little hint is good dirt grows big deer. The same concept applies for growing trophy bass. Unlike the Midwest, here in the Southeast we are not blessed with good dirt. Being famous for having red clay isn’t a huge source of pride for most lake owners. Luckily liming is an easy and effective way to improve water quality.  Liming does a lot of good things for your pond such as raising alkalinity and reduce pH swings. High alkalinity will make fertilizer more effective and small pH swings will make the aquatic environment stable.

Digital titration is the most accurate way to measure alkalinity. Want alkalinity to be at least 20 ppm.

With deer food plots landowners typically apply one ton per acre every year. As lake managers we apply four to six tons per acre. This seems like overkill. That is exactly what we want because at this rate you only have to lime every three to five years. Some will luck out and be good for many years. Factors such as watershed size effect the rate. Also years with flooding will wash out lime quickly.

Liming a lake is a straight forward process. First we will get lime brought in and dumped near the shoreline. We will bring our lime barge to the lake. No boat ramp is needed. There just needs to be an area with clean bottom and good drop off. Of course we need plenty of room for the trailer and trucking company.

A front end loader is needed to load our barge. Typically one bucket is enough. We require the loader to be 4 wheel drive and at least 20hp. We’ve used small loaders and they will tip over or break due to lime’s density.

The final step is to blast the lime off. On our barge we have a 2in trash pump that produces 213 gallons per minute. With this flow rate we are typically able to move eight to ten tons of lime in a hour.

When liming we are liming the soil not the water so we drive around blasting lime off.

Typical lakes only need 24-50 tons so we can get your job done in an afternoon. Winter is the time to get this done so when it warms up you will be back to enjoying your lake. Call us now to get ahead of the spring rush.

Discourage Grass Carp and Fun Shooting

Do you have grass carp? Do the they come to your fish feeders? If the grass carp are younger and smaller, shoot into the water with a shotgun to discourage this behavior. Grass carp are pretty intelligent and may stay away for a while allowing other fish come back to the feeder. If left unchecked, they dominate the feeders and scare away the target species you are feeding.

Larger Grass Carp

If the grass carp are larger fish, then take them out. These fish are benefiting very little to your vegetation control. How to take the grass carp out? You can try to trick them into biting bread balls, cherry tomatoes, or try using some of Stubby Steve’s. If that doesn’t work, then bow fish for them for great entertainment. Lastly, like Greg Grimes did yesterday, shoot the grass carp and put a .22 round to their heads. Not a bad shot at twenty yards, if I do say so myself. By the way, grass carp are excellent table fare. It’s a firm white meat.

If you are taking out some of your older, less effective grass carp and would like to replace them, give us a call. We are back to stocking grass carp and other species starting at the end of the month.


Shot the Grass Carp
Discourage Grass Carp










Silver Lake Massive Bass

Our clients on Silver Lake are catching massive bass.  Here are the Silver Lake massive bass catching statistics in pounds:

  • This week: Tuesday, Robert – 8 and Thursday, Robert – 9.5
  • Last week: Jeff – 8, Brad  – 5, and Matthew 3.5
  • February and 3 weeks ago: Dylan Thomas  – 8.5 and 9.5
Proof that we know how to stock fisheries.  Want to catch bass like the Silver Lake massive bass, give us a call!!

IMG_0296 IMG_0294

Congrats to Robert and Dylan!! Keep the Silver Lake massive bass stats coming!


Grow Big Bass

Want to grow big bass? Let us shock and stock your pond. We are out shocking a client’s pond today and as you can see, we know how to grow big bass.  If you want to grow big bass, we need to first assess the population of your fishery. Shocking is the first step in building a stocking plan to grow big bass. If you don’t want to grow big bass, shocking is still the first step in creating and maintaining a successful fishery.


IMG_3211 IMG_3212