Mossback Fish Habitat

nother successful Mossback Fish Habitat install.  Mossback Fish Habitats
are versatile, realistic, and long-lasting.  Mossback Fish Habitats are an excellent addition to your existing fish habitats like trees, brush, and other fish habitats. Contacts us for a Mossback Fish Habitat quote. We can plan and design a Mossback Fish Habitat specifically for your pond.

Read more about Mossback Fish Habitats here:


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Pop Eye Disease

Did a little eye surgery today and removed these ocular nematodes from bluegill eyes.  They had Pop Eye disease. Only cure for Pop Eye disease is ridding the muck from your pond.  If you see Pop Eye disease in your pond, then contact us for an aeration quote.


Shocking Bass

Shocking Bass

Shocking season has started today and AES first stop happens to be in a rainstorm.  Good news, shocking bass in a rainstorm is not as bad as shocking bass in an electrical storm. In addition, we often get a good catch even though the rain is pounding. When shocking bass, we worry more with the temperature of the water.

Greg Shocking Bass
Greg Shocking Bass

Give us a call and get your bass shocked.  If you are uncertain why we are we shocking bass, then read more about electrofishing and the benefits to your fishery.

Sterile Grass Carp

  Sterile Grass Carp

Along with warmer temperatures upcoming, so are submersed weeds in ponds. The best long-term control of submersed weeds is stocking Sterile Grass Carp. Sterile Grass Carp are very effective in controlling submersed weeds and can eat up to 5 times their body weight in one day.  Get your Sterile Grass Carp in soon before the submersed weeds take over. We can deliver Sterile Grass Carp or you can come by and pick up Sterile Grass Carp. Give us a call!

Bass Meals

Everyone knows that bass are ferocious feeders and their meals are just about anything that hits the water. Here are a few examples of the weird things bass were eating when we caught them.

Not the weirdest thing, but any guess as to what species of fish this bass ate?

Bass and crappie


This bass caught after recently eating a duckling.



Send us pics of the weird things you have caught bass eating.

National Land Conference

Aquatic Environmental Services President, Greg Grimes giving a presentation this morning in Tucson, AZ for the National Land Conference. The National Land Conference brokers enjoyed their education on proper ways to increase land values with water on their properties.



Texas Hunter Feeder & AquaMax

Time to start filling your Texas Hunter feeders with AquaMax.  We have been going by our clients filling their Texas Hunter feeders with AquaMax. If you fill those Texas Hunter feeders, then then fish will come!  Let us know if you need a Texas Hunter feeder or some AquaMax. We have them in stock!