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Vertex Solar Aeration Installation

In order to eliminate the stratification of the water column, prevent turnovers, and increase fish habitat, we recommend installing a bottom diffused aeration system. Bottom diffused aerations systems are designed to pump large volumes of air that pushes water from the pond bottom to the surface where it spreads out and contacts the atmosphere and becomes oxygenated. The pumping action is created by millions of tiny bubbles emitted by the diffuser that rise and entrain water with them.

This system will eliminate thermal stratification (eliminate the thermocline) and turnovers in the lake providing oxygen throughout the water column. The thermocline is the boundary between warmer surface water and cooler deep water. These areas do not usually mix naturally. The upper water column is oxygenated by contact with the atmosphere, phytoplankton and aquatic vegetation growth and supports aquatic life.

Traditional aeration systems need a power source located close to the pond. This is typically not an issue but every now and then a pond located well off the grid needs aeration such as today’s pond. It would be very expensive to get an outlet installed.

The installation process if very similar to a traditonal aeration system. The main difference is digging a 3ft hole that’s 18 in wide to anchor the solar panels in.

Josh is drilling holes near the bottom of the pile. Rebar will go through these poles. The rebar will prevent twisting of the solar panels in high wind conditions.
The dig.
Quickrete replaced red clay and gave the unit much more stability.
It’s important to keep every thing level to get maximum exposure to the sun.
The skeleton is complete. The next steep is to adjust the angle that the panels sit. Each season will require a different angle.
Vertex air compressor
Josh working on getting the air compressor up and running. The compressor is much smaller and quieter than most imagine. This unit in particular weighed about 20 lbs and could be carried by one person.
Each panel has a negative and positive wire that then will be joined to the compressor.
Each panel has its own positive and negative connection. To join these two a special connector married the two together so only one negative and positive wire were running to the compressor instead of four wires.
Once the wires were connected it was time to lay the aeration hose. The aeration hose is special because lead is infused into the hose making it self weighted. It’s important that the hose be weighted and on the bottom.
Since the pond is a new construction we aren’t able to get a boat in it to drop the diffuser station. New guy drew the short straw.
This is the complete solar station. Upon connecting all the wires the unit started up.
The end result is lots of stratification busting bubbles which is exactly what we want.

If you think your pond might need aeration give the office a call to get an answer.