Pond Management Kit


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One of the most important aspects in pond management is to keep good records. I have seen too many pond owners go down the wrong path because they have not kept good records. Improper fertilization programs can ruin a fishery very quickly, which why our log helps you keep proper records. Fish harvest is one of the most important tools we the biologist and you the pond owner have. The Pond Management Kit has made the job of keeping records much easier. The scale is far more accurate than traditional hanging scales.  The measuring board allows accurate length measurements. This date combined with our data sheets always you to accurately figure relative weights to monitor fish health.  We selected the most useful and most cost effective products in designing this kit to meet the needs of pond owners.


The Pond Management Kit includes the following:

-Check-It Stik Measuring Board (25″)

-MBSC-55 (Weighs in both pounds/ounces and kilograms/grams. 55 lb. capacity, water resistant and runs on 9V battery or optional AC adapter)

-Pocket Thermometer

-Secchi Disk


-Data Sheets (Largemouth Bass Relative Weight Index, Fertilization Log, Harvest Log, and Feeding Log)